Presented by Brisbane Comedy Festival

Welcome to the comedy battle of the century – two stand-up comedians and two improvisers enter the ring, but only one team leaves… victorious!

This feud has gone on long enough. A comedy game show will finally determine, once and for all, who the real “Kings of Comedy’”are – the stand-up comedians OR the improvisers. It’s identical to the UFC… if the UFC had weaker, funnier people fighting, and the fighting was replaced with quick wit and hilarious jokes.

Join host Chris Martin, the only person to successfully master both comedic styles*, and some of the best comedians at Brisbane Comedy Festival, for one hell of a funny show. This is…

Jim Carey VS Will Ferrell
Sarah Silverman VS Amy Poehler
Rose Matafeo VS Rose Matafeo

*many people do both, Chris just thought of this first