Presented by ImproMafia

In a world before mobile phones, when social meant doing things with friends and Google wasn’t a verb, Pizza Hut was a family restaurant, and the coolest spunkrats ruled the school.

Relive those glory days with Heartfelt High, a delightfully silly teen comedy show from ImproMafia. Directed by Luke Rimmelzwaan and starring Brisbane’s funniest grownups pretending to be teenagers, Heartfelt High is the perfect antidote for that 90s nostalgia that makes you wonder if your Discman could still be cool.

This hilarious and fresh take on improvised comedy will have you laughing, cringing and falling in and out of love like only teenagers can. Just like your favourite 90s teen shows, it’s PG and full of bad fashion and creative ways to get past the censors.

Call your friends’ landlines and get old-school social. Don’t be a drongo – book your Heartfelt High tickets today.