Brisbane Comedy Festival

Comic musings, sidesplitting stories and tear-inducing tales…

Brisbane Comedy Festival returns in 2022, bursting at the seams to hot a hand-picked selection of the finniest folk in the country. And aren’t we all ready for it?

Held from 29 April to 29 May 2022, this multi-venue laughter extravaganza held across Brisbane Powerhouse, The Tivoli and The Fortitude Music Hall, plays host to one-liners, whimsy and tall tales from some of the most hilarious comedians around.

From stand-up to improv, musical and sketch comedy, and everything in between we’ve got your tatses covers, plus we’ll shine the light on the best new talent, here and now!

Join us for night after night of side-splitting fun!*

* Brisbane Comedy Festival is not responsible for medical costs incurred as a result of said side-splitting.