I am…

Cheap yet Expensive
Deep yet Shallow
Thick yet Thin

I’m Full of It. Are Youse?

We’re all a mass of contradictions.
Upyourselfness is the best psychological shield in a world that has gone crazy.

Right now there’s an ugly bitch-fight happening between political correctness & freedom of speech.
It’s judgement day, every day, these days. Paranoia is the new black. And free speech comes at a price.
People are getting cancelled more regularly than a known carrier’s domestic flights.
Walk thru the jungle of jargon and the hills of hilarity to find our way back to an individual’s true freedom – UPYOURSELFNESS

Of which, I myself, have a PhDs.

Infants under the age of 2 not permitted.



I was born Upmyself and hot.
This Logie Award winning former hairdresser has been called a lot of things. Yes, I’ve been called a pioneer, a legend, a megastar, a cultural icon as well as a frigid, self-centred, paranoid, ball busting, b*tch.

What have I done? What are youse joking?
At times I have done more than what is humanly possible.
Here is just some of the ground breaking, commercially breath-taking gold that I have been part of.

‘Wogs Out Of Work’ – Phenomenal Theatre Show – Highest Grossing Original Stage Show – Don’t tell the Tax Department that.

‘Acropolis Now’ – TV – 5 Hilarious Seasons – Household name.
Hello? We used to beat 60 Minutes in the ratings.

‘Waiting for Effie’ – Critically acclaimed One Woman Stage Show. People were aghasts. An absolute classic!

‘Greeks On The Roof’. TV – The words skilled, stunning and side-splitting were uttered by too many to mention.

‘Effie’s Guide to Being Upyourself’. Book. Yes I am an author. Some have called this book a bible.

‘A Date With Effie’ A Stage Show that proved once again that talent, artistry and charisma to this degree has to be seen to be believed.

‘Effie The Virgin Bride’ my critically acclaimed epic one-woman stage show did 2 National Tours – Good thanks!

‘Star Wogs – The Ethnics Strike Back’ Stage Show with Nick Giannopoulos & Sooshi Mango toured nationally with hilarity to the masses.

‘Effie in Love Me Tinder’ launched in 2019 for the Sydney Comedy Festival touring nationally – killing it!
Locked out of venues for most of 2020, I launched my latest show ‘Better Out Than In’ to sellout houses before being locked in again in 2021.

Did youse see my recent episode of Dancing With The Stars 2023?
Nailed it!
Legend I hear youse say. Der Fred, I say.

“Effie still manages to shock and surprise her audience every time she opens her mouth, which is constantly.” Patrick Macdonald, Adelaide Advertiser


Sun 26 May 2024


The Princess Theatre


*plus booking fee


60 minutes


Suitable for ages 15+

Contains adult themes

Contains sexual references

Presented by Banajig Pty Ltd